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The FETOPEN project "NoPEST", started in January 2019, aims to find alternatives to copper salts massively used against oomycetes responsible in particular for downy mildew. Also involving four other academic partners (Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Israeli) and an Italian industrialist, the project aims at detection technologies by artificial and intelligent vision of parasites on the vines, identification of key enzymes in their survival, modeling and the synthesis of peptide inhibitors of these enzymes, and market studies.

"TubInTrain" is an Innovative Training Networks (ITN) medicinal chemistry project focused on microtubule degradation associated with neurodegenerative diseases. It will begin in October 2019. It brings together seven beneficiaries and fourteen partners (including ten industrialists) from six European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland). Our team will develop peptidomimetics that inhibit the interactions or aggregation of alpha-synuclein and tau proteins involved in these diseases. The project provides for the co-supervision of thirteen PhD students in the first quarter of 2020, including three within BioCIS.