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Christine Tran obtained her PhD in 2015, focused on the development of two-photon activable molecular probes for application in neuroscience, under the supervision of Dr Peter I. Dalko (Paris Descartes University). She then received an ARC Fundation postdoctoral fellowship, in Medicinal Chemistry at Imperial College London with the Spivey group. Her research interests were dedicated to the synthesis of α-helix mimetic scaffolds as potential Androgen Receptor antagonists in the Prostate Cancer treatment. She pursued her career in Paris, as a temporary lecturer and a research assistant with Dr Virginie Vidal (Chimie ParisTech), on the ruthenium catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition reactions for the construction of heterocyclic scaffolds. In 2019, she joined the Messaoudi team as a post-doctoral fellow (Paris-Saclay University), working on the C(sp3)-H arylation of sugars by directing group-based strategy. In September 2020, she got an Assistant Professor position in the Prof. Abdallah Hamze group, at Faculty of Pharmacy (BioCIS, UMR 8076), Paris-Saclay University.