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Thermosensitive polymer nanoparticles for ultrasound-targeted delivery

Although upper critical solution temperature (UCST) polymers have an interesting potential for drug delivery applications, their use has been hampered so far by their lack of biodegradability. The goal of our project is to synthesize biodegradable diblock copolymers with UCST behavior based on PEGylated synthetic poly(amino-acid)s bearing different pendant groups to encapsulate molecules of interest and to release them locally upon the application of mild hyperthermia (40-43°C), using ultrasound. The UCST behavior will be studied as a function of polymer molar mass and concentration, pendant group nature/ratio, pH and ionic strength, experimentally as well as by coarse-grained molecular modeling. The optimal polymers will be formulated into nanoparticles and their ability to encapsulate a model drug and release it using ultrasound will be assessed.