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ANR CarNuCat

As a coordinator, Sam Messaoudi is the recipient of the ANR grant (2015-2017) of the National Research Agency, program- Défi de tous les savoirs (DS10) 2015.

The project CarNuCat deals with the use transition metal-catalyzed approaches to explore new ways to build glycoconjugates. The chemistry in this proposal involves the development of a series of processes concerning N-, S- , O- or C-glycosidic bonds functionalization under transition metal catalysis. This approach is unique and has never been explored in the world.

Based on the successful outcome of this project, an unlimited number of organic transformations will be possible in the future, and the development of such new sustainable methodologies will make a tremendous impact into routine organic synthesis of glycoconjugates and into selective late-stage modification of pharmaceuticals. This conceptually novel approach would provide chemists in both the academic and industrial worlds with new disconnection strategies that give access to molecules with original structures and properties in a simple, efficient, and ecological manner.